AFL Women’s Brand Launch



samplify have been honoured to have composed the music for this awesome launch of the AFL Women’s league. samplify worked closely with Push Collective to create a soundtrack that was modern, emotional and connected the audience with the thrill and passion of the AFL women’s competition.

“The launch of AFL Women’s is a milestone in Australia’s sporting history. Our team was determined to create a brand identity that expressed a new perspective on the game and its traditions – an identity that encapsulates both the familiar and the progressive nature of the elite women’s style of play. We are thrilled to be a part of creating new history for the players and fans who are driving AFL Women’s, and helping to inspire future generations who no longer have to wonder whether it’s possible for women to play at the elite level,” said Ken Shadbolt, executive creative director of PUSH Collective.


Best Music for an Advertisement


Screen Shot 2015-10-12 at 15.11.39
samplify are excited to announce their nomination for ‘Best Music for an Advertisement’ at the 2015 APRA Screen and Music Awards

Composers Davide Carbone and Josh Abrahams of s:amplify have been nominated
for an APRA Screen Music Award in the category of best music for an advertisement,
for their work on the rebranding campaign by FutureBrand for client Tahiti Tourisme.

The client felt that their brand was being viewed as too exclusive, and wanted to present a more
broad-spectrum, friendly appeal, incorporating luxury, adventure, and a welcoming local culture.

samplify took all that on board and worked closely with local Tahitian composers to source authentic
native-language vocals and percussion, while injecting their own ukulele based sense of tropical fun,
blended with a high production value feeling of luxury and relaxation.

The job started as a relatively low exposure piece for trade fairs but was viewed as so successful by the client that they worked with samplify to develop it into music for a series of ads for international cinema and internet usage, as well as deriving part of it as a sonic logo.

The winner will be announced on November the 12th at the Great Hall of the National Gallery of Victoria.

Carbon Electra Synthesiser


620-X-320-PIB-CARBONELECTRA copy 2

It’s been over four years in development at samplify and now it’s officially out. Designed by Davide Carbone, software synthesiser Carbon Electra has been receiving amazing reviews in the world’s most respected music publications, and several world famous artists are using it in their music.

in 2010 Davide began designing a four oscillator virtual analog synth for use in his own productions. Simplicity, modernity and power were his objectives; something that was easy to program, offered live programming updates and featured a fully flexible stepper and modulator. After building it in Reaktor Davide introduced the concept to Josh, who loved the idea. Together they continued to develop it and refine it before approaching Plugin Boutique in the UK to act as a publisher.

After three further years in programming development, Josh and Davide created over 600 factory presets to demonstrate it’s capability, while a select handful of big named producers in the electronic music world got involved, adding their own sound sets to the vast preset library.

Immediately upon release Carbon Electra was awarded ‘Editors Choice’ in MusicTech Magazine. Glowing reviews and user feedback has followed alongside several planned updates. We at samplify have loved seeing this labor or love come to fruition and watching artists and producers across the world share our enthusiasm for this product.

Carbon Electra is available here:

Plugin Boutique







Music Tech


And some quotes from the reviews:

a very powerful synth with character of its own, the envelope step sequencer is one of the most clever additions I’ve seen.

Producer Spot

a digital beast perfect easy to approach, yet complex for your sound design needs. A focused instrument geared for the modern producer.

Ask Audio Mag

Carbon Electra has a sonic richness, the raw oscillators are fat, buzzy and especially delicious in the lower octaves. The precision and clarity of modern VA synthesizers with the wild aggressive nature of an analog beast.

Bedroom Producers Blog

the synth’s sounds definitely cut through mixes. Basses really bring the bottom end of mixes to life and some of the leads and incidental effects add angles to tracks I can only dream of.

Music Tech

An easy to use synth with stunning visuals and incredible sound.

Computer Music Academy

Directly from a future: a modern aggressive sound with best step sequencer ever and lots of presets from star producers.

Sound Bytes Mag

Here’s the promo video:



Carl Cox ‘My Life in Music’



After more than twelve months of hard work alongside arguably the most well known DJ on the planet, samplify and Carl Cox are very proud to announce the worldwide major release of ‘Carl Cox Collective – My Life in Music’.

We loved working on this project. It appealed to our strengths. Sound Designers, Producers, composers and musicians. Coupled with avant-garde experimentation using a rare collection of classic vintage gear and the latest digital technology. All 100% written, recorded and produced in-house at our wonderful recording studios here in St Kilda, Melbourne.

It started with Carl bringing in thousands of records to define the sound of his life in music. That in itself was a memory we will never forget. Carl DJ’ing to us for days on end, privately and for free! He is such a wonderful guy that working hard to achieve something we wanted the media to define as ‘ground breaking’ was always an honour an inspiration, never a chore – or a job!

The end result has us very proud of the quality. But much more importantly the great man himself Carl Cox is ecstatic. Loopmasters is the company behind the release and they are the worlds largest supplier of sample packs. Here is their press release:

One of Loopmasters proudest moments to date has arrived as we can finally announce to the world a collaboration with the most charming DJ in the business, a musical ambassador, a veteran of acid house, a champion of techno, a dance music pioneer, label owner and King of Ibiza – The legendary Carl Cox.

My Life In Music is an incredible collection of original Loops and One Shot Samples written and recorded by Carl Cox and the talented production duo samplify aka Davide Carbone and Josh Abrahams and features over 1.6Gb of solid club loops and sounds including Rich Fat Bass Lines, Vintage Drum Breaks, Searing Leads, Warm Pads and a special collection of Mixed Groove Hooks to cut up, filter, re sample and remix in your sampler of choice.

With Carl Cox at the helm the Carl Cox Collective set about creating, arguably the most ambitious royalty free sample project to date: To document and recreate the energy from a lifetime of musical memory’s inside the mind of the planet’s most popular DJ/Producer. Everything in this collection has been written and recorded from scratch with real instruments and classic vintage gear alongside some notable modern music software all painstakingly re sampled, printed to tape or reverse engineered to create a certain vibe, emotion or memory, locked and stored inside the brain of Britain’s most respected DJ.

The Kit list used in making this incredible collection included the Audient ASP4816 Recording Console, Adam S3X-H studio monitors, Logic Pro X, Ableton Live 9, Maschine, Moog Sub 37, Vestax PMC580 Pro  DJ mixer, Elektron Sidstation, Access Virus, Korg MS-20, DSI Prophet 08, Fender Rhodes 54, Gretsch Catalania Club Drum Kit, Yamaha U1 Piano, Korg Maxi-Korg, Roland Juno-106, Roland JD-800, Moog Micromoog, Yamaha CS-30, Wurlitzer EP200, Roland SH-09, Roland TR-909,Roland Jupiter 6, Nord Lead Original, Carbon Electra Soft Synth, Focusrite Red 2 and Joe Meek SC3 DAD.

In Detail expect to find 1.61Gb of 24Bit 44.1KHz Loops and One shot Sounds including 36 Bass Loops, 88 Break Loops, 53 Drum Loops, 63 Mixed Groove Loops, 39 Lead Synth Loops, 72 Musical Loops, 185 Drum Shots, 30 Bass Stabs, 25 Chord Hits, 30 SFX Sounds, 40 FX Builds, 35 Lead Sounds, 22 Pad Shots, 364 Rex2 Files and 128 Soft Sampler Patches for Kontakt, Halion, Exs24, Nnxt and Sfz formats.

The Collection is also available in Apple Loops, Reason Refill and an extended Ableton Live Pack that contains special layered and performance rack instrument presets.

This collection is perfect for Main Room and Techno producers looking for royalty free samples for their next big production, make sure you check out all three of the main demo songs to see how flexible and loaded with inspiration this collection is so crank it up, and sample The Carl Cox Collective – My Life In Music NOW!



And check out the product here:



7/7/15 Update:

Music Radar 10/10 ‘One of the most essential sample pack purchases we’ve ever heard’

DJ Mag 9/10 ‘perfect for peak-time floor fillers, killer sounds that sound big in the main room floors and massive open-air arenas’

4/6/15 Update: Carl Cox Collective – My Life in Music has stormed to number one in the prestigious Loopmasters charts and the reviews are rolling in. Here are some snippets:

Timo Garcia: ‘One of the best packs I’ve heard in a long time. Essential!’ 10/10
Bassbin Twins: ‘There is a hell of a lot of vibe in this collection – an epic set’ 9/10


Shanghai Motor Show 2015



Alongside our long term creative partners at Imagination, samplify has once again composed several pieces for Ford and their major worldwide car reveals. This time it was at the world biggest car market in Shanghai.

Several cars were launched alongside the wonderful projection mapping and big screen staging that Imagination are world renowned for. Music and sound design is such an integral part of the audio and visual experience so we needed to create something that is able to make a huge impression but also leave a lasting impact.

We love working to the creative briefs supplied by Imagination. Not only are they musically challenging but they need to suit several types of environments and mediums such as live, TV, Internet at Cinema. The sound design needs to be futuristic and impactful and the music needs to have a big emotional impact and be well suited to the product.

We have been composing for Imagination and Ford for several years now and have clocked up over 100 pieces. It’s a partnership that keeps improving and we are really proud of our work for Ford and the 2015 Shanghai Motor Show.

Here are some examples: